Ken Hazlett is a freelance writer, among many other things, who lives, works, plays, breathes, &c in Orange County, California, and occasionally in other places from Taiwan to Europe and elsewhere.

He has degrees in engineering and physics, and has worked in education, manufacturing, testing, software and web development, urban agriculture, and archaeology. He has been writing since he was very young, and hopes to continue until he is very old, or possibly dead, hopefully some time from now.

His other passions include writing for fun, books & movies (esp. fantasy and sci-fi), surfing the web, surfing the ocean, snowboarding, travel, urban farming, and writing about himself in the third person (natch).

You can also find him in these e-places:
Twitter: @mortalken
Tumblr: kenhazlett
LinkedIn: Ken Hazlett

He’s a totally cool guy. Really.


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